How to Have an Effective Board Meeting

A board meeting is a chance to discuss important strategic issues and make crucial decisions that will allow your business to succeed. However, if the meeting isn’t properly planned or executed it can be ineffective, and waste time for your board members. To ensure that your board meetings are successful it is crucial to recognize common mistakes that could hamper board productivity and performance.

1. Overcrowding Your Agenda

Trying to address multiple topics in one meeting can lead to unfocused discussions and limited time for each item. It is also difficult to keep everyone interested in this type of conversation.

2. Documents for boards that are poorly prepared

When it comes to planning for board meetings, it is critical to have all the right materials available to board members prior to the meeting begins. This includes the agenda for the meeting as well as the minutes from previous meetings, the board book, committee reports along with proposed policies and other relevant information.

3. Failure to take action on actions

Not acting on the results of your board meetings is a grave problem that can be avoided by clearly assigning the responsibilities and deadlines for tasks and promptly communicating the actions after the meeting.

It is important that each board member has an input in the making of decisions. This requires creating an environment which values a variety of viewpoints and combines those perspectives to make sound, balanced decisions. This can be accomplished by ensuring that all members have the chance to be involved at every meeting and ensure that outcomes of board decision-making are documented promptly.

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