How Boardroom Technology Can Bring More Productivity to Your Meetings

A good boardroom can help boost operational and strategic efficiency throughout a business. However, a bad experience at a meeting can cost a business $37 billion in lost productivity every year, according to research. The right workplace technology can solve these issues and help more productive meetings come to life in the boardroom.

Some of the most effective technologies for boardrooms can be easily integrated into your conference space without disrupting your existing infrastructure or forcing new tools on you. Wireless presentation systems for instance allow users to walk into a room and connect their devices with minimal fuss and they work with the conference platforms you prefer. The latest models also allow users to include additional features such as induction loops, audio amplification and translation.

Smart whiteboards are great for brainstorming sessions and meetings without agendas. Microsoft Surface Hub, for instance is a multi-purpose device that can be used on any device. It supports video conferencing as well as digital whiteboards, and also comes with presentation capabilities. A system such as the Neat Board, which is an interactive whiteboard that features the ability to touch and display a screen that is sharp and razor-sharp can be used to ensure that all attendees can clearly view the ideas being discussed.

Lighting flexibility can reduce energy consumption, improve comfort and ease in your boardroom and ensure focus during meetings. Products like the Teem Smart Lamp are a fantastic illustration of how LED lighting can be integrated into your boardroom, giving you a variety of control options, such as remote management and programmable scheduling.

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